Education and presentation

Cultural education is especially important to us. Flight and expulsion as historical phenomena and Upper Silesia as a diverse cultural and industrial landscape on the border between Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic are at the heart of what we do. Through various formats for schools, universities and visitor groups, the broad spectrum of our current permanent and special exhibitions is presented in workshops, seminars, lectures and tours. To schools in particular, we would like to offer the opportunity to use the museum as a space for learning outside of the school environment. The presentation of historical topics is intimately related to current debates on flight and expulsion, minority rights and the desire for greater autonomy.



We offer tours for groups to view either the permanent or special exhibition. Furthermore, public tours are offered regularly which are open to individual visitors.

Prices: 35 EUR per tour (maximum of 20 people) plus entry fee
Additional cost for foreign-language tours: 15 EUR per tour

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